Namabar Mehr



Namabar Mehr Company, as a thermal paper production company, is committed to social responsibility towards the environment and society. We are dedicated to the development and production of high-quality products that promote optimal performance and environmental conservation.

Our social responsibility consists of the following:

  • We try to make our processes and materials as good as possible when we make thermal paper to reduce negative effects on the environment. Our goal is to reduce energy consumption, raw material usage, and waste.
  • We prioritize establishing an equitable work environment and enhancing local job prospects. We aim to promote social progress through the creation of employment opportunities and by offering support to young individuals and local communities.
  • We are dedicated to the exploration and advancement of cutting-edge technologies in thermal paper, with a focus on prolonging product lifespans and reducing resource usage
  • We are committed to aiding local communities through the execution of social projects and initiatives, as well as dedicating financial and human resources to local associations and social programs

As a conscientious company, we are proud to persist in our endeavors to elevate social responsibility and safeguard the environment. Our commitment to our social and environmental objectives remains unwavering.