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Banking Thermal Roll
ATM machines, Customer receipts, Appointments and etc.
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Shopping Thermal Roll
Stickers and labels, Scales, Calculators, Receipt printers, etc.
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POS Thermal Roll
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Jumbo Thermal Roll
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Airport Thermal Roll
Boarding pass, Luggage tag, etc
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Medical Thermal Roll
Ultrasound system, Heart monitoring, etc
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Lottery, Gaming, Cinema Ticket , etc
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Banking Roll

Shopping Roll

POS Roll

Jumbo Roll

Airport Roll

Medical Roll




In the ever-evolving landscape of modern banking, efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction are paramount. Banking thermal rolls have emerged as indispensable tools, catering to various applications and needs within financial institutions. These compact rolls of specially coated thermal paper have revolutionized the way banks handle transactions, record essential data, and provide services to their customers…
The custom printed thermal paper is accomplished by the technology of flexography. The printed image is transferred to the paper directly through a printing plate. Here is a picture of the manufacturing process…
Many retailers, supermarkets, and large stores use thermal printers to print customer purchase receipts. The ability to print instantly without the need to wait for ink or toner to dry provides a fast, convenient, and secure shopping experience…


We, at Namabar Mehr Company, as a thermal paper production company, are committed to our social responsibility towards the environment and society. We are dedicated to the development and production of high-quality products that promote optimal performance and environmental conservation. Our social responsibility includes the following…